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Visual Communication
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How does our programme give you a BIG advantage?
Online Courses

Choose a programme in the area of your choice!

We offer career-oriented degree and non-degree programmes in a vast range of academic streams. You will find programmes in Management, Information Technology, Law, Healthcare, Finance & Accounting, Visual Communications, Environmental Science and many more.

Programmes for school pass-outs, UG degree holders and PG degree holders!

We have programmes for all. Whether you have finished your schooling or are pursuing your under-graduation/post-graduation or working in a company, we have a range of programmes for you.

Specialise in an allied area!

Choose from our wide-range of programmes. Pursue a programme that best suits your present industry and job profile. And one that guarantees your career success.
What makes our programme extra special?
Correspondence Courses
Experience engaging content!You will love the vibrant discussion forum, online activities, challenging assignments, interesting case studies and lot more that keep you engaged all through.
Enjoy the anytime convenience! We know you are busy. We will, therefore, not ask you to log in at any fixed time. Just access your course whenever you have the time & study.
Benefit from monthly fee option!You don't have pay lump-sum, upfront for this programme. Our monthly fee option makes it very convenient for you to benefit from this programme. Of course, we do extend half-yearly and annual payment options to save you the hassle of monthly payments - and you get discounts for doing so!
Reward yourself progressively!Earn a Certificate, a Diploma, an Advanced Diploma, a Graduate/Postgraduate Diploma enroute to your degree. Our progressive certification acts as a positive reinforcement for the efforts put in by you and keeps you motivated throughout the programme.
What makes this a great programme for working executives?
Executive Development Programme
Earn a certificate that the industry values! Employers prefer candidates who have succeeded in an academically rigorous programme. All our programmes are augmented with curriculum mapped to that of international institutions.
Work & yet do a high intensity programme!You don't need to put your career on hold. Our rigorous curriculum ensures that your education is at par with the one obtained through a full-time programme.
Apply what you learn to the job!You have the advantage of learning online and applying what you have learnt in your job. You will connect better with theory when you practice it straightway.
Prepare on the go!You can access our programme from any mobile device. Just log on at a time of your convenience to study. Your laptop, tablet or phone could transform into your classroom.reinforcement for the efforts put in by you and keeps you motivated throughout the programme.
Why will this programme really work for you?
courses for Employees
Practice, practice and more practice!We have loads of tests for you to learn from and get smarter and smarter before you write the exams. We will also share solved question papers.
Succeed with the help of our Student Success Team!Our team will help you succeed with reminders, motivational mails, success coaching mailers, exam tips and tricks.
Receive small doses of knowledge in your inbox!Our daily mailer will explain one new concept every day. Whether you come online or not, you will still be learning.
Build your network!You get to interact with other students on our discussion forum. Make new friends & expand your connections significantly.
Discover a great way to learn. Study on your mobile device.
Higher Education Courses
Master​ management fundamentals, gain leadership knowledge, ​acquire​ industry​-specific education and lot more​, all while commuting to work and back. ​You can also access our courses while waiting for a meeting to begin, at the airport departure lounge, during travel and in several other contexts that require you to be on the move. ​​Prepare for a great career, promotions and better jobs, ​by learning from your mobile device.

Learn from our bite-sized lessons, crisp videos, audio notes designed for convenient mobile learning. Collaborate, share and post right from your mobile phone, from wherever you are. Practice what you have learnt using crosswords, flashcards and other gaming elements that work seamlessly across multiple mobile gadgets. Discover mobile learning the way that only MaxValue can offer!

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